Stay Warm Stay Safe

Extra services and support during the winter months

Are you struggling this winter?

Live Well Greenwich’s Stay Warm Stay Safe programme gives extra services and support for those who may be at risk during the cold weather.

If you are over 60, care for a young or vulnerable person or are having problems paying winter fuel bills, you could benefit from Stay Warm Stay Safe. It is also open to support people who have mental health problems, learning disabilities and/or a sensory impairment.

You should also get in touch if you have concerns about a friend or neighbour.

Call the Live Well Greenwich line on 0800 470 4831 to speak to the Stay Warm Stay Safe team.

Top tips to keep warm this winter

Everyone can protect themselves from flu, but some can get the jab for free.

If you think you need urgent non-life-threatening medical help, call NHS 111.