‘What type of drinker are you?’ New Year’s roadshow

18th January 2019

‘What type of drinker are you?’ New Year’s roadshow

Many of us enjoy a drink, and for different reasons, but if drinking has become a bit of a routine for you, you could be putting yourself at risk.

This month, the Royal Borough of Greenwich, in partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, launch their winter roadshow – ‘What type of drinker are you?’

The roadshow will tour the borough for 8 weeks, stopping off at busy, high foot-fall areas, to encourage adults to find out what kind of drinker they are, what this means for their health and how they can cut down if they would like to drink less.

Whether you’re ‘The Weekender’ (20-35 units per week), ‘The Regular’ (25-45 units per week), ‘The Winer Diner’ (30-60 units per week), ‘The Stress Buster’ (25 units per week) or ‘The Mindful Drinker’ (under 14 units per week), your units can start to add up very quickly without you realising.

Regularly drinking more than the recommended maximum amount – that’s 14 units per week for both men and women – risks damaging your health.

Drinking too much, too often, over the course of 10 to 20 years, increases your risk of serious illnesses, including mouth, throat and breast cancer, heart and liver disease, and stroke. It can also cause damage to the brain and nervous system.

Have a ‘shot’ at our interactive alcohol quiz now, to see if your health is at risk from what you drink.

No matter what type of drinker you are, cutting down to the recommended level has all sorts of benefits. It not only reduces the risks to your long term health, but has many added bonuses to your day-to-day life too. This includes sleeping better and improved mood, losing weight, saving money as well as reducing your risk of being involved in accidents, violence or unprotected sex.

Come along and pick up your FREE drinks measurement cup and wine pourer from one of our friendly advisors on board, and get support and advice to help you stay in control of your drinking for a healthier, happier you. 

Find out where the roadshow will be near you.



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