Street Tag

Greenwich Get Active are bringing Street Tag to Greenwich until July 2022

Street Tag is an app-based family-friendly game that turns your local area into a virtual playground to earn rewards for physical activity. It’s a great way to stay active and explore local parks and green spaces. Everyone can get involved through their school or the community!

Schools will be able to compete against other schools in the borough, while residents in smaller groups of 6 or less will be able to compete against each other on the Community Leaderboard.

Points are earned by scanning virtual tags around the borough, converting steps movement into Street Tag points. Top teams will win fantastic prizes for themselves, or their school.

Greenwich Schools leaderboard (20th September 2021 – 6th January 2022)

1st place: Haimo Primary School is our current champion = 8,011,220 points and £150 prize given to the PTA

2nd place: Cardwell Primary School = 7,640,655 points and £100 prize given to the PTA

3rd place: Boxgrove Primary School with 4,237,045 points and £50 prize given to PTA

  • Total miles covered = 58427.372
  • Total no. of steps = 53252013

Greenwich Get Active Community Leaderboard

1st place: £150

2nd place: £100

3rd place: £75

4th – 10th place = £20

11th – 15th place = £10

  • Total miles covered = 13150.016
  • Total no. of steps = 13773815

Street Tag Community Seasons
Season 1: 19th July – 9th November 2021
Season 2: 9th November 2021 – 15th March 2022
Season 3: 15th March –  6th July 2022

Saturday Park Tag Parties – get bonus points!

The Saturday Tag Party in the park is worth 6,000 points at the pre-selected park monthly. Look out for one of the 6,000 points tag, plus collect the standard tags in the park if available.

The tag will be available for 30 minutes only at the parks below between 10.30 – 11am.

  • Feb 26th – Plumstead Common for Meet and Greet:
    – grab 6000 x2 BONUS POINTS tag party from 10:30am – 11:00am.
    – look out for the Street Tag team in yellow jumpers, take a selfie with them and claim another 2,000 points.
    – invite someone new to the park on the day to experience Street Tag with you and claim 10,000 points + 1 free merchandise.
  • March 19th – Birchmere Park
  • April – Sutcliffe Park
  • May – Avery Hill Park
  • June – Woolwich Common
  • July – Shrewsbury Park

At 10.30am on the Tag Party day please click the “Download Tags” button on the mid-right side of the app’s map on the home screen, this will ensure that you have all the latest Saturday Tag Party tags on your app within the vicinity of the park. Tags are stored locally on your device, it’s therefore important that you are in online mode and use the DOWNLOAD TAG button at 10.30am on Saturday and at 11am on Saturday to refresh your local tags.

Download the app from any mobile or android app store:


Google Play

For more information visit the Street Tag website or visit their Facebook page


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