Greenwich Play Streets

Play Streets give kids the chance to play freely and safely on their doorstep.

Neighbours agree to temporarily close their street to traffic to help kids move more and have fun.

How do I apply for a Play Street?

If you’d like a Play Street in your local area in Greenwich:
  1. First, contact to find out if your street is eligible (i.e. residential with no bus route).
  2. Once it is confirmed your street is eligible, talk to your neighbours about having a Play Street.
  3. Build up support for a Play Street. We recommend you have the support of five residents on your street. Download a letter template to give to your neighbours.
  4. Submit the application form 
  5. Plan a Play Street trial date. Play Streets are a regular event, but it’s a good idea to begin with a one-off ‘trial’ play street session so everyone sees for themselves how great it is.

Benefits of Play Streets

  • More active, happy children (with friends next door)
  • Friendlier, safer communities (where people know their neighbours)
  • Regular opportunities for everyone to have fun

How can we help?

If your application is approved, the Royal Borough of Greenwich provide the hi-vis vests and temporary traffic signs that you need. Play Street volunteers can store these for use at future events. We will also be available to meet your volunteer team before the first event, to show you how to close the road.

All community members running a Play Street must complete their risk assessment, review the guidance and video on how to steward a Play Street before the first event to ensure the safety of children: How to steward a School Street or Play Street scheme –


Apply for funding

If you would like to run a Play Street, although you don’t need any funding, you may be able to get a little to support your Play Street – perhaps to buy some new toys for the street, for example.

Councillors use the ward budget scheme to support projects run by local groups for the benefit of their communities. Each ward has a one-off pot of money of £30,000 and groups can bid for a portion of this to support their projects. Find out more.

Find your nearest Play Street here.

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