Myths around high blood pressure

True or False: You’ll know if you have high blood pressure because you can feel it

False – High blood pressure will only occasionally cause symptoms when it is very high. In almost all cases, high blood pressure has no symptoms at all.
There are around 16 million people with high blood pressure in the UK. Around a third of these people do not know they have it. The only way to know if your blood pressure is too high is to have it checked.

True or False: Only people who are stressed or “hyper” need to worry about their blood pressure

False – Anyone can develop high blood pressure. Long term stress can lead to continually raised blood pressure, so where possible it is good to try and reduce your stress.

True or False: Only people with high blood pressure can benefit from lowering their pressure.

False – This is not true.  Apart from those with low blood pressure, everyone can benefit from bringing their numbers down a bit.

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