Healthy weight

At any stage in life, keeping a healthy weight can be important for our health.

Becoming overweight or obese can increase our risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.


A Body Mass Index (BMI) score can tell us if we’re a healthy weight for our height, and is used widely in the UK. See what your BMI is.

Feel Good

Achieving a healthy weight has many health benefits. Making small changes to what you eat and drink and moving more can really help towards this.

Local support

In Greenwich, there are lots of local programmes, which run all year round, to help you achieve a healthy weight:
‘A Taste of Health’ is a 5-week Community Cookery Club. It supports you to make small changes in the kitchen that can make a big difference to your diet and health. Call 0800 470 4831 to book your place!
‘Xplore’ is an 8-week healthy lifestyle programme. It helps children, young people and their families to be healthier and more active.
Football Fans in Training’ (FFIT) is a 12-week lifestyle programme for men (aged 35-65), who carry more weight around the middle. It helps people who want to get fitter and healthier while lowering their weight. Visit Charlton Athletic Community Trust to find out more.

The programmes below are open access so there’s no need to book; just show up and join in:


‘Active Addicks’ offers healthy lifestyle support to men and women aged 27-65 who have a BMI of 30+. Call the Live Well Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831 to speak to a friendly advisor who can tell you more about the programme.


‘4 Healthy Weight Greenwich’ offers a more intensive, specialist weight management service for people with a BMI of 35+. To be able to take part you must be referred either by your GP or practice nurse.

Find out more

For information and guidance on managing your weight visit NHS Choices.
For more support managing your child’s weight, please visit Change4Life for some simple, practical tips.

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