Healthy Start

What is Healthy Start?

  • Gives you and your family the best start in life.
  • Get free vouchers to spend on milk, fruit, veg, pulses and infant formula every week.
  • Free vitamins for mum and children
In Greenwich, all pregnant women also receive free vitamins at their first appointment with their midwife.

What vouchers do I get and how?

  • £3.10 a week from week 10 of pregnancy until birth
  • £6.20 a week per child aged 0-1 year.
  • £3.10 a week per children aged 1 until 4th
  • You’ll also get vitamins for you and your child, to help you both stay strong and healthy.
  • Vouchers will arrive by mail within 2 weeks of your application.

Find out more about all the vitamins you and your baby need.

What can I buy with my vouchers and where?

You can use your vouchers at local shops, supermarkets and pharmacies to buy cow’s milk, fresh and frozen fruit and veg and infant formula milk.

As of October 2020, you can also use your vouchers on tinned fruit and vegetables, and fresh, dried or tinned pulses (e.g. lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas). This includes fruit in fruit juice and fruit, veg and pulses in water, but not those to which fat, salt, sugar or flavouring have been added.

You can also use your vouchers at Children’s Centre’s fruit and veg stalls and Woolwich Market. Look out for the Healthy Start sticker in shop windows, or ask inside.

You can exchange your green coupons for vitamins at all Children’s Centres and some Health Centres and baby clinics too.

Find out where you can use your Healthy Start vouchers locally.

How do I apply?

1. Get an application form from one of the following places:
a. Your local Children’s Centre
b. Your midwife or local health visiting team
c. You can also download a copy here to print out at home

2. Fill in Part A of the application form carefully in black ink using CAPITAL letters. You can also start filling in the application form here.
Please note this does not submit your application online, it helps you to fill it in. You must then print the form, sign it and send it in.

3. You can leave Part B of the form blank as it is no longer required to have the form signed by a health professional.
 However, if you are pregnant, your estimated due date needs to be filled in. This is located in ‘Part B’.

4. Once the form is completed, the only signature needed is from the person applying in Part A, Section 7.

5. Make sure all the information on the form is correct and that you have signed and date it.

6. Mail in your form using the address below. You do not need a stamp, this is a free postal address:
Healthy Start Issuing Unit
PO Box 1067
WA55 1EG

Once you’re on the scheme you’ll start receiving vouchers regularly so the sooner you can apply the better.

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