Healthy relationships

Being in a relationship can be a really great feeling whatever age we are. Being in a healthy relationship, where partners respect and support each other, can feel even better.

What counts as a healthy relationship really depends on the people involved as not everyone needs to feel supported in the same way. Our relationships should make us feel good about ourselves – especially when sex is involved.

Spot the signs

Unacceptable behaviour can come in many forms, not always violence. Your relationship should not leave you feeling scared, intimidated or controlled. These, as well as violent behaviour, can be signs of an unhealthy relationship.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has lots of information around the different types of domestic abuse, support for people experiencing domestic abuse and how to get help.

Disrespect Nobody also has advice on relationship issues such as:

  • Healthy communication
  • Managing arguments
  • Feeling safe
  • Dealing with a break up

For relationship help and advice from other young people, visit the Love Life forum at Rise Above.

Communication, consent and contraception

If you are in a relationship where you and your partner respect each other, talking openly about sex is much easier. If and when you do choose to have sex, it’s more likely you’ll both enjoy it. If it isn’t fun and it doesn’t feel nice (or the time isn’t right), you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

Protect yourself

If you are going to have sex, make sure that you want to. Also make sure that you protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and unwanted pregnancy by using contraception.

Take control of your sexual health now by visiting Greenwich Sexual Health (GSH). You’ll find out about the contraception options available to you and when and where you can get them for free, as well as explore all the services on offer.

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