Greenwich Get Active

Do more. Feel better. With our help you can!

Greenwich Get Active is here to help you move more and feel better. It is Greenwich’s one stop shop for all things physical activity around the borough. It can connect you with lots of free and affordable activities.

Why get active?

Being active is good for your health and wellbeing, your energy levels, fitness, strength and mobility. It can also reduce your risk of many chronic conditions.

But getting started or keeping going can be difficult. Our dedicated team are here to help, support and encourage you.

How can I get active?

Just 10 minutes of activity at a time can really help, eventually building up to 150 minutes a week. If you get your heart rate up, feel warmer and make your lungs work harder, you’ll start to see and feel the benefits in no time.
Being active doesn’t have to mean a gym workout or competitive sport. There are great outdoor spaces, leisure facilities and lots of different clubs, so there’s plenty to have a go at.
To find out what’s happening near you and to get a free trial/introductory session, call the Greenwich Get Active team on 0800 470 4831, text ACTIVE to 60066 or visit Greenwich Get Active.

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