Fizz Free February

Did you know?
The fizzy drinks we buy have an impact on the environment around us.

Fizzy drinks use a lot more water than they offer:
It takes up to 310 litres of water to make one 500ml bottle of fizzy drink.

Fizzy drinks pollute the body and the environment:
In the UK, 43% of soft drink bottles are made with non-recycled plastic, which takes 400 years to fully decompose

Fizzy drinks take up much more than shelf space:
The UK land used to grow sugar beet, a key fizzy drink ingredient, is equivalent to the land used for all other vegetable crops combined.

Join in
In the spirit of Sugar Smart, why not make a pledge to #GoFizzFree in February by choosing to reduce, limit or swap the sugary or fizzy drinks you usually consume.

  • Reduce the size of your fizzy drink from a bottle to a can to reduce your sugar intake. Even better, choose a sugar free version.
  • Limit the number of fizzy drinks you usually include in your diet. How about skipping the fizzy drink with lunch today? Or having water with dinner instead?
  • Swap a fizzy drink for a reusable bottle filled with tap water to quench your thirst during the day.

Share your progress and motivations with us by tagging @SugarSmartUK and using the hashtag #GoFizzFree.

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