Anyone can develop cancer, but it’s more common as we get older. Smoking, drinking, diet and being overweight are linked to around half of all cases of cancer.

Choosing healthier habits like eating more fruit and vegetables, being more active, keeping a healthy weight, limiting the amount of alcohol you drink and quitting smoking can all help to lower your risk.

Can lifestyle changes really make a difference?

They can, and not just for cancer. Simple changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to your overall health and wellbeing and add years to your life.

Find out how to prevent and reduce your risk by taking the interactive health quiz at Cancer Research UK.

You can also find local information and help on healthy living here in Greenwich.


Cancer screening saves thousands of lives each year by testing healthy people for early signs of the disease.

Screening can help detect cancer at an early stage before there are any symptoms. In some cases, it can also stop it from developing in the first place.

There are three national screening programmes: bowel, breast and cervical and you will be invited for testing if you are eligible.

Find out if you qualify for screening at Cancer Research UK.

Signs and Symptoms

Diagnosing cancer in its earlier stages often makes it easier to treat, meaning the chances of recovering are much better. This is why it’s important to know your body and to tell your doctor if you notice any unusual changes.

Knowing what’s normal for you and listening to your body will make it easier for you to spot any new changes which could be signs of cancer, such as:

  • an unexplained lump or swelling
  • a change in the appearance of a mole
  • a persistent change to your toileting habits

These symptoms are most likely caused by something less serious, but they could be a sign.

Even if you feel fine, if you notice any difference or persistent changes in your body, don’t self-diagnose or wait and see – visit your GP as soon as possible.

For information about key signs and symptoms of cancer visit Cancer Research UK.

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