Sugar Smart Greenwich this Autumn

Take action on sugar with Sugar Smart Greenwich and switch up a working from home habit

The lockdown and ongoing disruption to our lives is tough on everyoneAdjusting to new lifestyles and ways of working at home may have led you to snack more than usual on sugary or fatty foods as so many of us work closer to our kitchen cupboards than we used to. 

An extra couple of biscuits during the working day can quickly increase the amount of sugar going into our diets, which over time can lead to increases in weight and dental damage.  

Take Part in Sugar Smart Greenwich

If you’re looking for ways to help reduce your sugar intake, join Sugar Smart Greenwich this autumn and take action on the amount of sugary foods and drinks you, your team or household are eating and drinking.  

 Try out one of these challenges for a working week, 14 days, or a whole month to reduce the amount sugar you eat and drink while at home or back in the workplace.  


  1. Agree as a household to buy fewer or lower sugar treats in your weekly food shop. 
  2. Swap sugary snacks with other options such as fruit and veg, crackers, nuts and dips during the hours you work from home. 
  3. If you’re back in the office with your teamagree to limit the number of treats you usually bring in to share 
  4. Make a swap when you shop by downloading the Change4Life Food Scanner app to find out what’s in the food you’re buying. 

 Get involved 

If you want to take part: 

  1. As an individual, household or team decide on your challenge, and how long you will aim to stick with it for. 
  2. Download and complete a challenge sheet
  3. Share the changes you have made as a result of your challenges with your friends, colleagues and us at  
  4. Visit Live Well for more snack ideas and tips to eat wellDownload free recipe sheets below for ideas!

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