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From cola and chocolate to ketchup and soup, it’s not always easy to tell if our diet is high in sugar.  There can be a lot of sugar in everyday food and drinks.

Research shows that children and adults in the UK are having too much sugar. This can make you gain weight and cause painful tooth decay and cause fat to build up around organs. It can also lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.


To cut down on sugar, try these tips:

  • check front of pack labels to help you pick items with less added sugar.
  • make healthy swaps. Switch sugary drinks for sugar free, diet or no added sugar drinks instead – water is best!
  • reduce the amount of sugar you use in your recipes
Visit NHS Choices for more practical tips on cutting down the amount of sugar you eat.  For help with being Sugar Smart as a family, visit Change4Life.

Sugar Smart Greenwich – cutting down on sugar as a borough

Sugar Smart Greenwich supports local organisations and businesses, schools and leisure centres, to limit unhealthy options and promote healthier, lower sugar alternatives.

Simple pledges related to food, drink and advertising might include:

  • removing junk food from your checkouts or swapping biscuits for fruit at meetings
  • promoting free drinking water
  • removing all adverts for products high in sugar
  • delivering workshops or presenting displays on sugar content in drinks
Since its launch in January 2017, 60 local organisations have joined the campaign. This includes 10 Greenwich Schools, University of Greenwich’s caterer Baxter Storey, Charlton Athletic Football Club and The Greenwich Alliance for Voluntary Services (GAVS).

Sign up to be Sugar Smart

Join the campaign by making a pledge to make some simple changes to what you offer. This way, you can motivate change by helping local people and your community to get ‘Sugar Smart’.
To sign up to Sugar Smart Greenwich or to simply find out more, email

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