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If you are at high risk of COVID-19, then you can get support to access the internet, portable devices and digital skills training.

The loan and learn scheme can give you the digital tools and skills you need to get online, be more informed and reduce the misinformation about COVID-19 being spread.

The four elements of ‘Loan and Learn’ will enable you to access up-to-date, trusted information about COVID-19 through:

  1. A device-lending scheme: The Council is lending a range of devices to residents via local community centres and organisations.
  2. A mobile data lending scheme: The Council is lending 4G dongles with 2GB data to distribute to local people who have no internet access at home and who are interested in using their own devices to get online.
  3. A community WiFi scheme (due to rollout in October): The Council will install WiFi routers and boosters to improve internet access in community centres and other shared spaces.
  4. Digital skills training to:
  • Community Champions – the Council will train its growing network of Community Champions so they’re able to support other residents to improve their digital skills.
  • Community centres and groups – the Council will provide community centres and local groups with training materials to deliver to the residents who use their services.

How to Loan and Learn

You can apply at local participating community centres and organisations to borrow a digital device and/or secure training and skills.

Each site will be provided with devices (tablets or laptops) which will be loaned out to individuals for four weeks. Similar to a traditional library, the equipment will be checked in and check out, with pre and post evaluation surveys to ascertain improvements on skills and training. The equipment will be remotely data cleansed and cleaned after each use, ready for the next person.

You can also apply to become a Digital Champion and secure free training – find out more.

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