Having a think about how much you drink?

13th September 2018

Having a think about how much you drink?

A couple of drinks most nights a week may seem harmless. But they could be damaging your health.

Having more Drink Free Days is a simple way to drink a little less – and feel a whole lot better. That’s why we’re encouraging people to have more Drink Free Days – a simple way to improve your wellbeing by cutting out a few drinks.

Many people don’t realise that – when it comes to drinking alcohol – it’s not just how much that matters, it’s also how often.

If you’re reaching for a bottle or glass most nights, it can really add up – even if you feel like you’re not drinking a lot. And this can harm your physical and mental health.

Having a couple glasses of wine at home most days of the week might not seem like a problem. But across the week, these drinks can quickly add up and you could easily, and without realising it, be regularly drinking in a way that could be risking your health in the future.

Even if you’re just having a couple of drinks in front of the telly to unwind, you may find that you need to cut down. The good news is that reducing your alcohol intake by having more Drink Free Days each week could lead to a healthier, happier you. Take the Drink Free Days quiz to see how much you drink compared to the rest of the country.

Getting support

You can also get local support by taking the free online and confidential identification and brief advice (IBA) tool. The tool gives you advice about how much you drink, tips on how to cut down and stay healthy, and details of where to get help and support, if needed. You can also use the tool to make a referral for extra support if you want to. 

You can also talk to someone over the phone at CGL BaSIS – 020 3696 2640.
For information on all our support and treatment services in Greenwich, please visit the Greenwich Community Directory.

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