Don’t let Malaria ruin summer

16th July 2018

Don’t let Malaria ruin summer

Travelling to Africa or Asia this summer? Remember, you’ll have no natural immunity, even if you were born there.

Many people mistakenly think they’re not at risk when visiting a familiar country, but if you’ve lived in the UK for some time, you’ll have no natural defence against malaria.

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease spread by the bite of mosquitoes. Despite being almost completely preventable, every year almost 1,400 people return to the UK from their travels with the disease, in most cases after a trip to see family and friends.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, families travelling abroad to an area where there is a known high risk, are being urged to take the following steps to make sure they’re properly protected:

  • Ask a GP, nurse or pharmacist for advice before travelling
  • Wear insect repellent and cover up
  • Sleep under a treated mosquito net at night

Visit NHS Choices for more information and advice on how best to avoid any potential risks to your health on your travels this summer.

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