Recent news from Public Health England states that kids are having too much sugar, half of which comes from sugary snacks and drinks. This, along with research by The Food Foundation showing that the majority of kids aren’t getting enough fruit and veg each day, has sparked an exciting new campaign to make it easier for kids to swap sugary snacks for healthy (and tasty!) fruit and veg.

#VegPower comes after a study by The Food Foundation showed over 95% of children aged 11-16 aren’t eating enough vegetables. With only 5% of food and soft drink advertising being spent on promoting vegetables to children, it’s not surprising kids find other, less healthy options so tempting.

To buck the trend, food campaigner and celebrity chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, has teamed up Food Foundationwith the group behind Peas Please – an initiative led by The Food Foundation – to set up and raise money for a dedicated Veg Ad Fund, to make veg more appealing to kids.

With so much of the budget going towards advertising junk food each year, vegetables such as the humble carrot often get overlooked. The #VegPower ad campaign sets out to encourage kids to get their fuel, or #VegPower, from everyday veg, such as carrots and peas.

Become a Veg Hero

Jamie Oliver, chef turned Veg Hero

Celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, the face of Sugar Smart is amongst those snapping themselves with veg to support the initiative, and you can too. Show your support for the campaign by posting your very own Veg Hero picture on social media using #VegPower and #PeasPlease. You could even tag @foodingreenwich or @Royal_Greenwich on twitter to see who else is joining in the fun.

Greenwich has lots of fun and affordable ways to make vegetables the new superhero for kids, including fun Cookery Clubs and lots of fresh fruit and veg markets – visit www.goodfoodingreenwich.org.uk or visit Eating Well to find out more!

Don’t forget to visit the website at www.vegpower.org.uk.