Do you know when to stop?

The new, online IBA tool brought to you by Public Health Greenwich

Public Health Greenwich has launched a new identification and brief advice (IBA) tool for alcohol, to get people thinking about their drinking habits and to make changes for the better – for their long term health and wellbeing – just by answering a few questions.

More than 43,000 adults in Greenwich drink above the current NHS guidelines of 2-3 units a day (25% of adults), and 27,000 (14% of adults) regularly binge drink, consuming twice the daily limit in one sitting.

Regularly drinking above the guidelines can give our organs a hard time and increases our risk of serious health problems, such as liver disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer, as well as our risk of having a heart attack or stroke. But by staying within the NHS guidelines we can greatly reduce this risk.

If you, or someone you support, have concerns about alcohol, want to find out whether your current drinking habits are likely to have a long term impact on your health, and you live, work or study in the Royal Borough, then the FREE and confidential IBA tool could be for you.

Based on the answers you give to a few simple questions, the tool offers personalised advice about your alcohol intake, tips on how to cut down and stay healthy, as well as details of where to get help and support, if needed. The tool can also be used to make a direct referral for extra support should you choose it.

The IBA tool is accessible online, from all of your digital devices, at

Why not try it and see how you measure up!